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Last updated May 21, 1999
Welcome to Rapter's Page
Transformers and Beast Wars

Hey Everyone this is my monthly update. Like I said last time I really am kinda strained for time . Finding new stuff is hard so I can't stress enough to SEND ME COMMENTS AND FANFICS!!!. E-mail them to me at The links to Radames page and Dinobot 55's Pages are one of my additions their sites are awesome so check them out. I will be updating my image archive with quite a few pictures (As soon as I can find some anyways). Sign my Guest Book and Check out all my cool sponsers (hey who couldn't use a lil extra money).

Hi I'm Rapter a born Maximal

Unlike my Brother Dinobot

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A few good links

Radames Page Very cool

The Ultimate Playstation Site

Golden Rods home page. My best Friend good with Drawings.

Iggy Drouge's TF page. Kewl Page.

Max's Transformers 2001 Page. Really awesome 3d Pictures

Complete Transformers Listing Page. Largest Listing of TF pages I have found.

Rcola_lll's page nothing to do with TF's but he is a good friend of mine

All transformers are copyright of Hasbroİ
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