Starfire Weyr

A golden dragon walks slowly out of the darkness beyond. Welcome to my weyr. she says I am Junith, queen dragon of Starfire Weyr. And this, she indicates a large bronze dragon behind her, is my weyrmate, and dragon of the weyrleader of this Weyr, Lunath. Our riders are Rayn and S'tar. Please, look around our weyr. There are fire-lizards wandering around the weyr, so please be careful not to startle them.

There is a tunnel heading down to a large, open cavern. As you stand in front of the entrance, you feel heat traveling up the shaft and hitting you with intense ferocity.
Further down the passage you hear a quiet chirping coming from one of the small caves.
Next, you enter a long corridor that have many caves along the sides. These are the weyrs of the riders in the Weyr. Go in and meet some of the others. Junith tells you They won't mind.
You are walking along again, when all of a sudden a black ball of fur runs right beneath your feet.

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