Welcome traveller. Inside these web pages you will find information on roleplaying games and wargames, both of which are two avid interests of mine. Please enjoy.

          One note. Although I have THREE Equinox pages up here, I am no longer in the game due to personality skirmishes with the GM. These pages will be either disbanded or added to, then no longer updated.

          New to this page, a quiz to determine which elder Amberite are you?

          A set of pages for a defunct Amber PBEM game called "One Year Later". Other than cosmetic changes, these pages will no longer be updated.

          Another character for the Amber Diceless roleplaying system for a game titled "Homecoming." This game is now defunct, and these pages will no longer be updated.

          Another character for Amber. This is for a game titled, you guessed it, "If the World Did Not Exist". This game is now defunct and this page will no longer be updated.

          A character for Equinox, a game in which I am no longer playing (thank the goddess).

          Another character for Equinox. Sooner or later, these pages will be disassembled.

          Hand drawn Tarot cards based on characters from an online MUSH. All the cards that have been drawn are scanned and uploaded now for perusal. There may be additions to this page as time goes on...but I doubt it.

          Photo-Tarot cards based on characters from an online PBEM Equinox. More than likely, this page will not be updated.

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