Master Lord_Falcon and his kajira, skye{LF} call the StoneKeep their home. It overlooks the shores of Thassa and has the most beautiful white beach. As you read on, you will get to know them better. You will share the magic that exists between them. You will share Master Lord_Falcon's thoughts on owning a kajira and skye{LF}'s thoughts on being owned.

skye{LF} is up many ahns before Master Lord_Falcon preparing for the the day. The day begins in the kitchen where she prepares Master's breakfast. Following breakfast, she spends the time cleaning and mending Master's clothes. Soon it will be time for his midday meal. Following that she spends time running errands for him. The ahns pass quickly and Master returns for his evening meal. Evenings are often spent kneeling by his side in Stonekeep or a local tavern as he conducts business or converses with friends. Sometimes a girl will dance for Master. She is happiest when she is called to his furs. All too soon the night ends, and it is time to retire. The day will begin all too soon!

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