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Welcome to Kaeblizar The Fallen Paladin's realm.


  Tuesday April 11, 2000

     Things are going very nicely with the new page. I have been working on additional pages behind the scenes. I would really like to know what you think of the new layout and design. So drop me an email :). The poll is getting some interesting responses. Send me suggestions on future questions you would like to see in it. If I have time and work permits I hope to upload the Kills Gallery section and the Links section by the weekend. Also a revised Files section with the stuff for Diablo and much more then before :). 

I am STILL in need of a new banner. So,  if you can whip anything up I would greatly appreciate it. As I am no good with graphics (the banner must be the same size as the one above). 

Well I hope to hear from you all. I will update again if I can before the weekend. If not come back by Sunday as you might find some sections up :).

Before I forget. If you need to go to the old page you may find it here. Rop's Diablo Cheats

Kaeblizar (aka Rop)


Friday  March 31, 2000

    Since Diablo2 is almost out (lets hope before summer at least) I have decided to redo my old page with some new features and a new feel to it. I from now on will use my alter ego character. His name is Kaeblizar. He was a noble Paladin that used to fight for truth and Honor. As a character he was able to slay his brother Rop since his brother had chosen the path of evil.

But Kaeblizar did not realize that Rop had made a pact with Diablo to bring him souls and thus Diablo sent the darkest of all magic who went by the name of Nemrod, to vanish Kaeblizar the noble Paladin.

Nemrod found his victim and though Kaeblizar tried to keep true to his honor he was no match for Nemrod whom took his soul and engulfed it with the powers of the Undead. Thus after Kaeblizar secumed Nemrod then made him into The Fallen Paladin to take others into the realms of death in the new lands that lay ahead within Diablo2. 

That's just a brief summary of the story which I plan to write in my new page. But the goodies shall continue as well :). Hope you all like it.  and I still have a lot to work on, so bare with me.

   I am in a need for a new banner to replace the old one. It should read "Kaeblizar The Fallen Paladin". So if you can help I will greatly appreciate it. Plus please comment on the new layout etc as I'm always glad to hear from you all.

Kaeblizar ( aka Rop)

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