You have successfully made it past the moat , dogs and guards , now you are free to roam the cloisters of my castle! I built this castle to protect me and my subjects from the little people , since they abducted me and stole my ears I haven`t been the same , as my friends will agree. I seem to be holding them at bay for the moment but they are so unpredictable anything can happen.
If by chance you find any spelling mistakes etc on these pages please let me know. But don't blame me , the little people have been stealing letters and swapping letters around , when will they give me a break?
  Artists impression of one of the little people. ( Shown actual size )
Welcome to the courts of Capebite Castle , feel free to browse the rooms , all attempts have been made to make your stay more pleasurable.

 I dedicate all these pages to the very good friends I have made during my time online , without them none of this work would have been possible , I would especially like to thank Murph and Champ for their help on the graphics and kiddy for her initial encouragement , and to everybody else mentioned on the pages , who in their own way have contributed to a hugely popular web site . Again  thank you to all: )

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