SHIPPER: One who believes in a relationship between Mulder and Scully.

For those of you who visited my AOL page, this is a totally revamped version of that same page. We (meaning my family) did away with our AOL account because the calls were long distance from my small New England town. We now have WorldPath.
Anyway, I've learned HTML and have written my own page. This is the result. Remember, this will always be under construction. Tell me what you think.

Shippers Unite!

The Mulder/Scully Married Archive!


The Gossamer Fanfic Archive is the best archive I've seen. Be warned, though, it has everything.
Try a fellow Shipper's page.
For those hopeless romantics (bless you) try The X-Files Institution for Relationshippers.

X-File fanfic links.The most comprehensive list I have seen.
Gertie's 'Shipper Links
XF Emmys
Shippers Unite
Soulmates Eternal
Shipper Friendly Sites
World O' Denial
eXtreme Possibilities
Mail me with your X-File links! I lost mine when I lost AOL. THANK-YOU!

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