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Picture from CHAOS COMIX

Welcome to my play world. I am told that you can tell alot about a person by their web page. No wonder my web page scares my mother. I spend so much of my time working and trying to be responsible that when I get alittle free time I spend it playing so my web page does not get much attention. After all we must have our priorities. No matter I hope you enjoy yourself while here and I hope you will come back and tell your friends about this page.

Let us now journey to other sites on the Web

My favorite Lady.

Lady Death

Chaos Comix

Here are some of the Lady Death pages I have found.

One of my favorite Lady Death WEB Pages

Wicked Lady Death Page

Evil At Her Finest

Here is a new link that was sent to me. One I think you will like

Some Pretty nice pics

Now lets meet the man behind the Lady? Introducing Evil Ernie

Evil Ernie

That is all the Lady Death I have for now. I will add more as I find them

Well how about some links to other comics that I like.

Here is one that I just found recently and I have liked what I have seen so far


Here is one I am going to have to explore futher.





Images Central

Comic Sites Alliance

Here is one of my favorite Boris Pages "WARNING" It may take a while to load!!

Awesome Boris


The Nightly News

Here are a few of my favorite Web pages


Dream Theater


I have been introduced to an AWESOME game, Magic!!!! I recommend it highly the following link is to a great Magic page. More links coming soon.


Take A Peek

All Lady Death pictures are from CHAOS COMIX. In time I will also have pictures by Boris as well as other artist. I would like to introduce people who visit my page to the magnificent talent and artistry I have found.

Yes I know this page needs alot of work feel free to e-mail me with ideas given time this will develop into a real web page so come back from time to time and watch its transformations.

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