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Before the counter reset itself..(because I switched the pages a bit) We had over 10,000 people!!! Thankyou all for stopping to take Refuge here with us. :)

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I Attended the GATHERING in SPIRIT


Pic of the Update

Pic of this Update drawn by Aimee Major. It's of Kanthara! *laffs* And it's soooo true! ;)

According to our good friend Logan....It is that December is month of....

(Voting is currently down at the moment.)

Here's the boring part. :P I know we've all heard this but to make sure Siryn and I don't get into trouble...........This page is in no way associated with Disney at all. Anything made on this page belongs to us and you can't use it unless you have our permission. So :P. ;) All rights reserved.

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