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Hello, and welcome to my all-new all-updated web page! I hope you find some things here you like, that will make your return to the site assured! There is, of course, the Tolkien stuff still here as well as a couple of small (but, you never know, growing) areas. Without further ado, here are the contents of the site:

The Guide to Middle Earth
This is a horrendously incomplete guide to everyone and everywhere in Tolkien's Middle Earth. However, it does have an excellent (if I say so myself) family tree that contains virtually every elf and dunedan from Tolkien's works!
Computer games
This is, I have to admit, another small part of the site. At the moment you'll find the solution to Monkey Island III there, but when it's fully up and running it'll have reviews and tips to other (including Spectrum) games!
There are a multitude of links here, from film related sites to ZX Spectrum related sites! These are the web pages that, for one reason or another, I like.
About me
Just who is this (probably) handsome and (definitely) alluring "Jon"? Those who actually want to know can look right here. Also included are hot topics to debate over!

My CV (Word 97 format)

E-mail me with any comments if you like!

Last updated 24 March 1999