Official Weredragon Homepage

Weredragon Head

OK, I suppose I ought to get one thing straightened out... this isn't a weredragon homepage.  This is a homepage of me, Bethany, who also happens to be the Official Weredragon of ???

This actually makes sense.  Sort of.  See, while I was at Rice I aquired the handle, "The Official Weredragon of Rice University."  Then I did what many (but not all) university students do... I graduated.  Now that leaves me with nothing to be the Official Weredragon of, since I'm not sure my current employer would appreciate an official weredragon.  Or even an unofficial one.

I will add that I am, by popular decree, the Official Weredragon of Abml. But try explaining that to the virtual world at large.  (Abml is alt.books.m-lackey.  Technically a fan group for author Mercedes Lackey, it is fundamentally inexplicable.  I participate periodically, depending on my mood and the current topics of conversation.)

For more information on the Weredragon, and Weredragon links... a page from my old Rice homepage is here.

So... on to the rest of this heavily-under-construction page.

* Distant Wing's My Little Pony Pages
* The Brother Cadfael Pages
* Windows Goodies -- Themes, Icons, etc.
* Email the Weredragon


BTW... yes, that is a head-and-shoulders shot of a weredragon.  I enjoy looking at (non-explicit, thank you very much) furry art, but I'm not a humaniod-type weredragon.  Or very good at drawing.