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Well, now I have a new announcement to make.  Since my last update, I've decided to take my artistic outlet in a new direction.  This time, I will be writing and illustrating a line of children's books.  These children's books will be based on a very special tradition that I've shared with my own kids as they've grown so I'm pretty excited about this opportunity.

This page will serve, simply, as an outlet for my personal writings and art. The namesake of the page, "Terran" is for those residents of "Terra" the planet that I created in "Genesis: The Creation Of A World," (not to be confused with those of Earth decent) which is my first manuscript. Currently in an unfinished state I will conceivably post chapters of this book on the web page as they become available as well as other writings which have been completed.

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Discussion Forum for Fantasy in general.

The "Iron Gate" (Most popular Inn on Terra, great place for discussions of Terran lore.


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