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Welcome to Rockin' the Tardis, the site dedicated to Who-related (and other TIMEly) music! I'm searching for any good clips of music to add to the site, I'd be forever grateful for any help (Hey, I'm a Time Lady- I walk in eternity!)

A description of the categories: The Official Discography lists material that was either released by the BBC, is a version of one of the original shows, or features a major actor/composer from the show. The extended official list contains fan-generated Who audio goodies such as sites for audio clips and audio dramas, as well as 'appearances' of the Doctor, the Tardis, the theme music, (or any other references to the show for that matter) on any level on Popular music albums (Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, etc). The Even More exdended Unofficial Discography is a list of Timely songs to listen to while you're crusin' around in your Tardis.

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My Apologies to the many people who sent me stuff that I hadn't the chance to put on till now, and still have yet to sort thru and post... Thanks to all for your help with submissions, and your patience!

The Millennium Effect's first album, Return to Kendal, was released a few months ago. Dr Who related songs include "Skaro", "Erotica (Banks Cyberfunk Mix)", "Janet Street Porter" and "Cyber" - a cover of 'Doctor' by Blood Donor! AND, coming up after Christmas, they're releasing their Michael Craze tribute song, Missing You Like Craze-y.
Their website also has various tables of music releases, info on thier video productions, and a whole host of silly stuff.
You can find it all at www.reocities.com/millennium_effect

Either it's Morrissey alone or Morrissey with the Smiths, but McCoy definitely appears, as an unfunny comedian on a tv show the bummed-out and fed-up heroine of the video watches before shutting it off in "Ever Day Is Like Sunday" video. //Thanks, Ria!//

Matt: If you think that "One of these Days" sounds like the Who theme, you should listen to "Sheep" on Pink Floyd's "Animals" album. The base line is similar to the theme tune and even includes the signature "OOO WEE OOO" in the background at one point.

Visit the webpage of Keff McCulloch, composer of much of the 7th Doctor's music! For those of you who are familiar with 'The Dr. Who 25th Anniversary Album' (Shameless plug time) He's offering a tape of music from Who episodes that wasn't on the previous album (check out page2 for info).

BCB radio 107fm (104fm on the Yorkshire Cable Network) has a monthly feature with Dr. Who interviews, news, and reviews. It airs (usually) the first monday of the month at 1pm Bradford time (8am EST for us Yanks). It's available on Real Audio thru their site, www.bcb.yorks.com,.

Listen to the Timelord's "Doctorin the TARDIS" on RealAudio! It's part of a sci-fi music mix on www.discjockey.com, It's on the genre page, under spacialties, about 19 minuets into the Star Warp mix. enjoy!!

BTW, I am dreadfully behind on updating this site, please forgive me!

The Homepage for commercial releases Of Dominic Glynn, a Dr. Who soundtrack composer!!

Provided by RA Stevenson:
The lyrics for a song I heard on Dr. Demento once, called 'The Doctor' by Jim Burrell:
A tall blue box with a flashing light just appeared here
and from it stepped an odd-looking man
He said the world was in danger, then he asked me the year
I couldn't quite understand
He looked sane enough--well maybe
With a floppy hat and a long multi-coloured scarf
He offered me a jelly baby but his curly hair just made me laugh
I asked his name and he told me the Doctor as a stone-age girl was just stepping out
She pulled a knife but then he stopped her
A strange pair without a doubt

And now something from a long-time discussion on the 'net...//Thanks, Andy!!//

"What songs do you associate with Doctor Who and why?"

1st doctor:"Ticket To Ride"--the Beatles
2nd doctor:"I Am The Walrus"--"
3rd doctor:"Secret...AAAAAAgent Man", "
"Learning to Fly" by Pink Floyd (Condition grounded, but determined to try... just an Earth-bound misfit, I...)
4th doctor:"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
5th doctor:"I'll Stop The World And Melt With You"
6th doctor:"You May Be Right" by Billy Joel
7th doctor:"Live Forever"--Oasis
"Stranger Than Fiction" by Bad Company
8th doctor:"Children (dream mix)"--Robert Miles

Anybody else have any suggestions??

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The homepage of my very good friend, Timelord, Darkhorse of Gallifrey
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