A Wojtek Siudmak's fan welcomes you. Welcome to Pierre-Jean LEROY's page about Wojtek Siudmak. Wojtek Siudmak is a wellknown science fiction illustrator borned in Poland. Since 1999, this wojtek siudmak's unofficial site talks about Wojtek Suidmak because I love Wojtek Siudmak paints. I really thank Wojtek Siudmak official site for its agreement and help : http://www.siudmak.fr .

French CV
french CV
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Wojtek Siudmak
e-pub report
e-pub report

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Wojtek Siudmak's history

Wojciech Kazimierz (Wojtek) Siudmak was born in Wielun (Poland) 10 October 1942.

Wojtek Siudmak studied at the Warsaw College of Plastic Arts from 1956 to 1961, and at Warsaw College of fine arts from 1961 to 1966.

Now, Wojtek Siudmak is the illustrator of the french science fiction books collection "Pocket" where you can see Wojtek Siudmak paints in my link "paints".

Since 1971, Wojtek Siudmak works with various publishers and art galleries in France, Germany, Japan and the USA. But Wojtek Siudmak doesn't sell his paints : you can only have Wojtek Siudmak books and posters.

Since 1966, Wojtek Siudmak lives in France.

NEWS : Wojtek Siudmak made a show to International Rotary Club of Lodz (Poland), 14 may 2007, for Mondial project for peace - "Forever Love".

A part of Wojtek Siudmak paints is permanent in Ferri�res Castle 77164 FERRIERES-EN-BRIE. Source : http://www.siudmak.fr (official site)

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Wojtek Siudmak's shows

Wojtek Siudmak is well known all around the world :

Wojtek Siudmak in France :Ch�teau de Ferri�res, Paris (Eiffel tower), Reims, Bordeaux, Lyon, Angoul�me, Avignon, Toulouse, Clermont-Ferrand, Belfort, Rouen, Grande Synthe...

Wojtek Siudmak abroad : Lodz, Warsaw, Moscow, Colorado, New-York, Finland, Ireland, Canada

Wojtek Siudmak restropectiv exhibitions : Sierre (Switzerland in 1988), Tuttlingen (Germany in 1989).

We can compare Wojtek Siudmak's style of painting to Dali or Magritte : Wojtek Siudmak is an illusionist painter specialized in fantasy arts. But personally, I prefer Wojtek Siudmak because his paints are more realistic and human.

Wojtek Siudmak seen by Georges Lucas :

The fantastic is real in these magic worlds of Wojtek Siudmak. Wojtek Siudmak's images ar like single frames of film-select moments in a larger experience which continues in time and space. Everyone and everything is coming from somewhere and is on its way somewhere else. It may be simply a journey, or it may be a transformation. These panoramic landscapes of the imagination are alive with energy : exploding, hovering, hatching, whirling and enchanting. Wojtek Siudmak fine draftsmanship and sense of light and dark give Wojtek Siudmak's visions great depth and multiply the remarkable range of colors and textures. There is a powerful tranquillity in Wojtek Siudmak creations, and endless space to explore and invent.

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