The Tome

The Castle of Dragon Mound

"Welcome to Dragon Mound, in the outer borders of the Vesve Forest. I am Lord Xavier, the Guardian of the Vesve Forest; the Protector of His Pious Majesty, King Belvor IV; Duke of Dragon Mound . . . ." says a muscular man.

"Enough of my titles! Come let us retire to the library. There I'll tell you something about myself and my many adventures." Lord Xavier leads you down a well lit corridor. Suits of armor line the hall periodically, along with beautiful tapestries depicting mountainous and forest scenes. But you notice that in all of the tapestries you look at have a picture of Dragon Mound Castle. Lord Xavier notices your curiosity, but before you can ask he motions for you to go through the double doors on your right. The library is large and well lit. Rows and rows of books line the walls. A large table stands in the right end of the room. A fire burns in the fireplace along the left wall and several chairs are located around the fireplace.

"Please sit down and make yourself comfortable." Lord Xavier serves you a very old brandy. "So you want to here about my adventures. Well, it all started . . . ."

I plan to have some stuff here to download by sometime this summer.


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