Fangladys Vampyre Castle

Fangladys Vampyre Castle

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Mother Nature by Jim Warren

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Let me Welcome you to Fangladys Vampyre Castle. It is my pleasure to supply you with the most accurate information I have discovered on Vampyres or Vampires. My name is Fanglady and this is my Vampyre castle. I have been a Vampyre for hundreds of years. We have exsisted right along side of human beings for centures. We are Vampyres or Vampires depending on what part of the country we were born in. Yes BORN! Vampyres are born, just like mankind. We are to Night as you are to Day. It is simple. We just live longer. Which is why we must hide. The human race will destroy us to learn the secret of our youth. We are Vampyres, and we are here.