Age She can remember 20,000 years back..
Family One unknown child, speculated to be the Marshall. Ryouko is her creation as well as her daughter, created using the mass cells and her own cells. As for her sisters, see History below.
Loves Unknown.. speculated that Kagato was a love of hers; she has more of an affection for Tenchi rather than a love. Plus she enjoys messing with his head, I think. Her greatest love is her daughter, though I think it's hard for her to show it.
Knowledge When one spends 20,000 years learning, one knows quite a bit. Granted, she was trapped in her own starship for several thousand years, but one can say she spent that time thinking/speculating about her own life. Thus she has a great deal of confidence in herself and has very little self-doubt.
Appearances Washu, the TRUE Washu, first appeared and remains in the Tenchi Muyo OAV series. This page is based upon that Washu. However, poor facsimiles have appeared in the Tenchi Muyo TV series, as well as the Pretty Sammy OAV & TV series.
Voice Actresses The NA dub voice actress is KT Vogt, who does a great job with her character. She portrays both chaotic playfulness and dead seriousness through her character in a fashion that's rare in a NA voice actor.  
The original Japanese voice actress is Kobayashi Yuko, who, IMHO, -IS- Washu.
History Not much is known of Washu's past. She was a goddess/high-energy being before 20,000 years ago, but something happened that caused her memories and a great deal of her power to be trapped inside of the 3 gems that she gave to her daughter. The power of these gems is great enough to create the Light Hawk Wings alone.  
This isn't too surprising, since one of her sisters is Tsunami. She can also create the Light Hawk Wings, albeit through the Jurai flagship. Sasami will one day become Tsunami, and Washu feels she has to take care of Sasami to a point.. unknown if this is because of Tsunami & Sasami's relationship.  
Washu's other sister is Tokimi. Tokimi rules over several dimensions, as well as existing in several times at once. Not much else is known about Tokimi, other than she wants to see Washu for some reason.  
'Sisters' is a loose term in this case, since it's unlikely the three are actually blood relatives, it's far more likely that they are symbolically in a sisterhood of power. Washu is chaos/?, Tsunami is nature/Jurai, and Tokimi is dominion/time. *Note - All of this is based upon speculation and what little I know of what the creator(s) have said. Feel free to write and correct me, if you have canon material to back yourself on.
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