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WOW, so here it is Feb 20 of 2005! and not an update in sight! Really I have switched most of my effort over to HERE simply because my subdirectories over there are so much nicer. I've had this particular webpage since sometime in 97 and I think I may go through and weed through some of the mess! Wish me luck on that one! I promise I just moved the crazy writing on to the journal page. I did at least change the back ground graphics and paste a picture of the new baby to let you know what he looks like these days... big differance in the before and after shots here! Thinking of trying to consolidate some of my oh well, really its all in fun and I am supposed to be practising my html but I need to get the book back out because I'm currently pretty code challanged. I did take a typing test today.. that was amusing... dont' try them at 4 am guys!

May 4, 2004

This is the new news! Jericho! he was born Sept 20, 2004

February 28, 2004

Click Here To See NEW St. Patricks Day Pictures St. Patricks Day Pictures!
I've decided to update my page because I was going to post my St. Patrick's Day photo's on here for my friend Angela to see and ended up doing a lot of other things with my index page instead. Whoops!! (getting those up soon though.. ) So, its still really the same old text with a new background, but I'm becoming inspired.. or tired... And please don't pay attention to the blue line, I don't know what I've done to the graphic that belongs there *grin*

Jade, Amy and Lauren Christmas 2002
Christmas 2003

Jade, Lauren and Myself
Wow look how much they have grown!!
haha, I just look even more tired if thats possible

October 15, 2003

Wow... so it took me this long to get over last semester of school and the burn out on programming... Just didn't seem very fun to me for a while.. Plus, I was totally fed up with the stupid dial up modem and my parents finally got dsl.. WOO HOO for that... Boo Hoo for the fact that I'm still living with them.. sigh... We did go to Texas this summer for break, check everyone out.. The sad thing is I looked at my archive from last year at about this time and basically if you make everything for this year, things are the same... just made eggrolls, still cant sleep and its cold as shit... go figure..

Good Friends in Dallas

Me and my girls would be the ones in the white shirts :)

January 27th, 2003

Yes, today is my BIRTHDAY! Thought I would mention that as I rip through this webpage and completly redo a bunch of it... Pretty much sitting here goofing off online with my friend Johnon and calling people we think we went to HS with..
Self Portrait on my birthday


Louisville Zoo

Dallas Museum of Natural History

SeaWorld San Antonio (more pics coming soon)

San Antonio

Going away dinner

My wedding pictures, August 1, 1997

Old Journal Entries

My 26th Birthday

Old Friends

Texas Roadhouse, 98?

My trip to Singapore My trip to Singapore, 1999

WELCOME TO ZIONI completely forgot I made this page.. Its a page for all of the triv players

Jabbari's Acting Info

Kyung Kyung Kyung

Zun-Yu's Blog

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