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{tweedle, chirp, twang, burble, twink} The year is 9,540,852,449.
{cough, glass breaking, whack, tweedle, electric discharge} Babylon Stations'; Age of Scampering, Age of Confusion.

OK.... Who put the Vorlon translator chip in the XenoTrans?

The year is 2249. The place is The Babylon Project. The "Last Best Hope for Peace" in a hostile world. The Human-Minbari war has just ended (to the dismay of Centauri weapons dealers everywhere), and upon us is a bold new plan to create a place where alien races can mingle and scheme freely with each other.

This is the setting for a Role Playing Game [RPG] based on the hit TV show Babylon 5. The game takes place somewhat before the events of the show itself, however there are great opportunities to develop future history along the way.

These pages are dedicated to:
The Babylon Project RPG. New Rules
Grenades and Rapid Fire Weapons ,
Explosives, Poisons, and the skills to use them ,
Interstellar Shipping, Jump Gates and Beacons, Messages, Translators ,
Telepath Rules, some notes on Technomages ,
Extra Starfury Types (including Electronic Warfare Types),
Valimir's Fighter Combat Rules, for detailed control of individual fighters instead of TBP's squadron level approach,
background information, etc...
The Centauri Race. Skills, Characteristics, Equipment, Gods , etc...
And, the campaign I am in.
Also, the inevitable Links Page

The Babylon Project

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