The Gods of the Centauri

This list is obviously wildly incomplete at this point in time. Given that there are hundreds (or thousands) of Centauri gods, any suggestions can be added to this list. Just drop me a Note.

Forces of Nature


Li, Goddess of Passion

See TBP main rule book, page 147, BabCom box.

Talara, Goddess of Hate and Vengeance

Talara was assaulted in her youth by a number of men in a small village. Rather than crying out for punishment from government which would have been light she took justice into her own hands, and became one of Centauri's most famous poisoners. She used extracts from a number of local berries and tree bark, and created a delayed action reproductive poison. She managed introduce this compound into the village brewery and managed to make over two thirds of the men in town impotent and sterile. She is also reputed to be responsible for various snake bits, heart attacks, strokes, and other forms of fatality that hit police and judges over a wide area. Never stick a knife in someone's back. It's too obvious and very messy.


Gon, God of Soldiers

Gon is believed to be responsible for the safety and well being of individual combatants in almost any type of conflict. Soldiers and their loved ones pray and give offerings to insure the safe return after combat. He is also the most popular god for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Offerings typically consist of drawings or miniatures of ancient weapons. The destruction of actual weapons is discouraged, due to the inherent wastefulness of such acts. He who throws away his weapons before battle is a fool.

Kotan, God of Navies

Kotan was a great admiral during the Xon war. When ambushed at night by a superior Xon fleet, Kotan used his knowledge of Xonish coding to get several elements of the Xon fleet to destroy each other. Kotan and his men escaped without casualties. Then later he managed to destroy several supply ships carrying fresh water to forward elements of the Xon navy. This element of the Xon navy was forced to surrender to a numerically inferior Centauri force. Secure communications and Information advantages are the backbone of battles.


Ponral, God of Doctors and Assassins

Lika, Goddess of Telepaths

Lomir, God of Builders

Lomir, was the head stone mason on the first building (a temple to Gon) that was over 100 romals tall (~30 meters). The building was completed on time, under budget and with no injuries or fatalities. Lomir then proceeded to safely build large and more impressive structures including several major dams. The fact that few people were killed or injured while working for Lomir makes him a very popular God among anybody who is involved with heavy industry including shipbuilding, construction, etc. He is also known as a the most pragmatic of all gods. Make sure you keep you skilled workers safe. They can't do anything useful if they are bleeding everywhere. And, they're damn hard to replace too.

Wonrill, Goddess of Miners


DISCLAIMER: There are over fifty gods who watch over the Centauri Empire as a whole, and many more minor gods of one sort or another. However, only Gon and Li are actually mentioned in the main TBP rule book (p146-147). Londo frequently refers to "Great Maker" while cursing, but it is unclear just which god he is referring to. All information on this page should be considered highly speculative, but I hope you find it useful.

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