Keefis Travhano’s History

First, let me introduce my character. Or rather I will let him introduce himself. Keefis, you’re on.

Excellent. I am Keefis of the House Travhano. Let me begin at the beginning: my childhood.


Ah... A wonderful childhood. Born into a good house in Centauri Prime, son of a second wife. My father an advisor to the royal court (possibly the Emperor himself someday). A view of the West Wing of the Imperial Palace. Would more could one hope for. I would have liked to have seen my father more, but the house instructor Teppi was like a father that was around normal hours. He was my father’s instructor when he was young. Now he is mine and my siblings (1 brother and 4 sisters). He is teaching us what we need to know to rule the Centauri Empire someday. Better yet I am now betrothed to a daughter of one of the great houses. When I reach my majority our ascendance is assured.


Disgrace... Dishonor... False allegations made against my brother. He would never soil the honor of the Emperor’s daughter. Yet the charges were made, and believed.
Actually, there seems to be a great deal of evidence that his brother actually did the crimes of which he is accused. Don’t mind Keefis’s ravings he seems to be having problems with the truth.
You, stop interrupting me with your lies.
I am only trying to promote the truth.
You wouldn’t know truth if it jumped up and bit you on the attributes. In addition, if you do not stop there will be penalties.
Penalties? What could you possibly do to me?
That is what you think. Have you noticed the traces of sticky powder on your keyboard yet?
Hey! What is this stuff ?!?!
It is a delayed action poison. If you do not receive the antidote from me every week you will die. Yes... die!
Ah.... I now see the error of my ways. Everything Keefis says is true. He is clearly the victim of a horrible plot. Any rumors concerning bad conduct by his family are clearly malicious lies.
Do I get to live now? ..... Sir?

That of course depends on what else you can do for me. But, we can discuss that later. For now, just stop bothering me an let me get on with my introduction.

Let's see... Where was I? Oh, yes. My betrothal canceled. My brother vanished one day. No trace was ever found. I expected us all to be gathered up and executed, but No, we were "promoted" to an off-planet fiefdom and exiled.

A disaster, but it was then I learned the most valuable lesson. Our family’s ‘Purple Files’ were too dangerous; “Information is Survival, Information is Power”. It was then my real training began; How to get information to destroy those who brought us down. How to cause them to drop dead in the middle of the night without traces. Yes, I will find them, and I will crush them without mercy. I believe they are associated with the House Dondro. I shall not rest until all the men of Dondro are dead, and the women slaves. Then my vengeance will be complete.


At least our fiefdom is a good one. Father passed a few year ago, but Teppi now manages the day to day operation of the estate now. He is very good at it, much better than I could be. Mother is beloved of the people, conditions have improved so from the last master. But I can no longer stay here and face the contempt of others.

I have moved on into the underworld of our society. Here I am welcomed. The opinions of nobles mean nothing. My abilities here are worthy of great respect. Better yet I begin to see more and more of Dondro’s illicit dealings. Eventually I shall regain my former place.

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