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Every journey has its final steps

Every legend runs its course

Every saga has its climax

Every tv show gets canceled

And every webpage eventually goes defunct

On this eighth day of August, I sadly announce the end of an era. While Mystery Science Theater 3000 airs its final episode tonight, so do I declare Fire in the Hole officially defunct. While it shall remain as it is, I will no longer update, due both to the my increasing difficulties with the Geocities/ Yahoo conglomerate and the fact that I'm leaving for college in a few weeks. The email link won't be much good either, since I'll have a new address at college. It's been a lot of fun. You guys are the greatest.


Official X-Force Casting Call!!! What you've all be waiting for. I've compiled everyone's suggestions, and HERE THEY ARE!!


My page of Marvel's Conspiracies Let the truth be known!

Not too familiar with X-Force? New reader, trying to catch up? Old reader, trying to get back in? Confused reader, just trying to figure things out? Go to my Everything You Need to Know About X-Force Page

The X-Force Trivia Page Read just a few too many issues of X- Force? Think you know everything there is to know about those wayward mutants? Test your mettle against 24 seriously trivial questions. But keep in mind: I wrote most of these off the top of my head. :)

Well, it took a LOT of work, but I've done it! BWAHAHAHAHA! Here is my Compendium of Great X-Force Quotes! Enjoy it! Plus, here's it's companion: More X-Force Quotes!

Fanfiction X-Force stories!

So. If you already knew all the stuff in "Everything you need to Know", answered all the trivia, can quote issue #42 from memory and have written your own 300 page fanfiction saga, this is the place for you. No, it's not an asylum. It's 36+ Ways to Tell You're Addicted to X-Force Don't feel bad. I qualify for quite a few of them, myself.

Wanna find out about someone so addicted to X-Force that she dedicated her homepage to it? Click here to go to the Desert Nomad Page

Those who know me also know that I tend to, er, uh, "go off." You know, spazz out about trivial stuff? Sometimes it's humorous, sometimes insightful, usually just plain scary. Anyhoo, I've decided to type up some of my better ones! This week, there are two rants. Check out I Psychoanalyze Tarzan as Applied to the Entering College Freshman or Nintendo, Pokemon and Star Wars-- Kerrie Just Vents Randomly. Plus, my Rants Archive

Cool Links Some of my favorite places on the net.

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