The Conspiracy History of the Western World


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Controversy has often accompanied many of the pivital turning points of Western Civilization. Many major events, for better or worse, have occurred as the result of people behind the scenes who have held the keys to the machine of the world. When asked which historical events occurred as the result of a conspiracy, many cite The Kennedy Assassination or The World Trade Center Bombing. Although these rank among the most notorious of supposed conspiracies, the historian will likely find the halls of time littered with the cigarette butts of those who plotted in the dark corners of the past. Therefore I present to you the Conspiracy History of the Western World, which brings these little-known concoctions to light so that the hidden history of our world may finally be told.

Chapter One: The Ancient World
Chapter Two: The Medieval World
Chapter Three: The Age of Colonization
Chapter Four: The Ninteenth Century
Chapter Five: The Twentieth Century 1900-1950
Chapter Six: The Twentieth Century 1950-2000

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