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The Science of the Paranormal

The Science of the Paranormal

Thomas M. Ray's Paranormal Page

I am Thomas M. Ray. I have been studying what is called "Paranormal Phenomena" for over 30 years. I am also a Scientist and inventor.

I began to study this subject for two reasons. First of all, I have personally encountered Paranormal phenomena, and as a result KNOW that many forms of it actually do exist. This knowledge, naturally, is "disturbing" to a Scientific person such as myself, so I am DRIVEN to understand it. It is my philosophy that there is really NO "Supernatural" as such ---only the NATURAL that has not been discovered yet

The Other reason I study the Paranormal is that If it can be understood and/or controlled it would result in the development of truly "amazing" new technologies and human abilities. Imagine how great it would be to have machines that could "see" into the future, permit us to Travel to "parallel worlds" and through time itself. What if we could learn to be "psychic" and develop those skills to RELIABLE levels? -----Yes this subject is certainly worthy of study.

The Following writings will include DESCRIPTIONS of the Phenomena, THEORIES of operation compiled over 30 years of research and study, " HOW TO" methods that will permit the reader to experience paranormal events themselves., and descriptions of what I call "PSYCHIC LEVERS" simple "machines" that actually AMPLIFY the latent "psychic abilities" inherent in all of us.

This data will be occasionally updated and added to, so if you do not see what you want THIS visit, come back again later, perhaps I will have the info posted by then.

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The Existence of Parallel worlds--The "Key" to the Paranormal-

How the "Scientifically legitimate" Theory of "parallel worlds" explains the mechanisms of the "paranormal"

Ghosts and Spirits-----And "ghost" photography" -

What are "ghosts"? How to photograph them

Dowsing and "Psychic levers"--Access your ESP and "Psychic" abilities-

Principles of dowsing and increasing ones latent "psychic" abilities

Telepathy and ESP

A brief overview of "ESP" and a new theory of the workings of telepathy

ESP "Amplifiers"- Increase your ESP abilities--

Simple devices and Machines that increase one's psychic abilities. How to use and make them

Remote Viewing and Channeling---How to do it--

How anyone can channel or remote view. Techniques that WORK

The Afterlife---OBEs, Reincarnation

What evidence actually exists that supports the concept of the "afterlife". How to recall "past lives"

My Personal Experiences

Seeing a real ghost, A Poltergeist !, Computer Contact with "ghosts", My haunted House

Technical Aspects of "Ghost" Phenomena (NEW)

Technical stuff for those really serious about studying ghosts

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