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Well, for some reason people have been asking me to send or have I archived my "Nothingness Reviews" or are they on a web-site. The answer is yes now they are on a website, they are below. Ok for those of you that don't know what "Cyn's Nothingness Reviews" are, consider your self blessed as you have been spared the living hell of having tried to read one -so why you are here is beyond me. The "Nothingness Reviews" are my sick re-write of Chris Carter's amazing creation "The X-Files."

I started doing this at the beginning of Season 4. So when "The X-Files" airs a repeat you can be assured I will rip it to shreds and you will be able to find it here. I have also run these reviews through a spell check! Yeah yeah those of you that know me are thinking... "No way! Cyn has never heard of a spell checker!" But again, rest assured I did and they should read easier. I have also edited the messages at the begining since that was just for the benefit of the list readers... Like I totaly killed the spoiler space ect.... By the way these are mostly from Season 4 and might contain spoilers so consider your selves warned. And don't come whining to me if you read this before you saw the episodes and claim I have ruined the entire X-Files viewing expirence for you. The protest well fall upon deaf hears.

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DISCLAIMER: I own nothing pertaining to "The X-Files." These reviews are just sick ramblings of some one who has nothing better to do, and who is also quite insane. These are done for sheer pleasure, lust, the need to have my say and boredom. They are not the views of the real X-Files writers, creators, actors, producers, pets, family, favorite sports teams, and Fox.. hell they ain't even the views of the writer! So please don't sue. After you read some of them you will see I stand to make absolutely nothing from these and the only thing they prove is that I am quite mad! So this section is for Mr. David Oakes and the gang at Fox. "The X-Files" is the creation of Chris Carter and all rights to "The X-Files," characters and stories belong to him 1013 Productions and yes the evil Fox Television empire.

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