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Behind this closed door is a packet of matchsticks made to look like a website, with only $1.95 glue holding them together. It was then scanned and given a prominous position on the Internet. The only logical conclusion which can be drawn from this is that some people who think too much will find it downright facinating, while others who are 'normal' will find it rubbish. Neither is necessarily bad, but please just enjoy my beautiful matchsticks.

You can view my website with just about any browser, but to get the most out of it you need....

  • Netscape 4 or better,
  • and a monitor with at least 256 colours.
You won't need frames and you won't need Javascript. In fact, I recommend that you don't have Javascript while you view these pages so the pop-up ads don't rear their ugly heads. Another word of caution: some printers may not print the white text contained in the site. If this is the case, copy and paste the necessary text into a word-processing program.

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