Tristan Sapp
The Page (ver 3.0)

  Welcome to my page.  I am, as you probably have assumed, Tristan Sapp.  Henceforth this is my page.  Anyway, yeah, I know, this page looks really shitty at the moment but please forgive me as I update this page so it is more acceptable.  Substance over style...
  As of the moment all I really have are some things for RPG's, such as Shadowrun (3rd ed.), Cyberpunk, Cybergeneration and Bubblegum Crisis.  My mainsty RPG is still, as it has been since 1995, Shadowrun.  However, I find Cyberpunk and BGC both to have very interesting storylines... and although a lot of the descriptions in Cyberpunk are vague, the rules need streamlining and the whole "image first" thing that slams of the 80's pisses me off but, well, it's the original.  Hopefully Version 3.0 will be better.

Well, without further ado, here are my wares...

Firearms Yeah, sure, the core book comes with guns.  But what if they don't meet your tastes?  Y'know, as powerful as a Ruger Warhawk is, there are more powerful guns out there, like a Desert Eagle or a Wildey.  And even if you like your Warhawk, I can make it better.  Scopes, advanced bullets, improved parts for better reliability... the full 9 yards.  So in other words, if you think you can be competetive in the SR3 world with only vague firearms and a couple mods, you're dead fuckin wrong!

Vehicles Cars!  Motorcycles!  The occasional plane or helicopter!  A mission is always so much cooler when you have a brand-new TVR or Aston-Martin for those inner-city chases or a Russian UAZ truck for those anti-material missions out in the desert.

  Soon, there will be some newer vehicles and weaponry (as soon as I can get myself access to a scanner) as well as rules, ideas, and maybe some cyberware or missions as well.

 A Short, Vague Bio Yes, folks, I have a life.  Cool, huh?  Here's a short summary.

Here are some pictures of random things of signifigance.