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Hello I'm Specialist In The Indiana National Guard.  I've Been  Enlisted for Four yrs.

I've Been Deployed to Bosnia for six months and Iraq/Kuwait for a Year I was Involved In OIF  in 2003-2004

I am currently at home relaxing from both deployments and wondering if there are anymore in my future.

I was home for only 3 months in between the two deployments.


This is just a few of my thoughts on some things that bug me. Mainly this site will be focused at my fellow Americans.

Number One.  For all you people out there that don't think we should be in Iraq Because the People of Iraq don't want us there you are wrong.  The majority of the Iraqi people do want us there and are glad we fallowed through this time, One reason most of them were upset with use is that we did not take Saddam out when we liberated Kuwait In  1990.  The ones that really don't want us there are his loyalists and people from other countries loyal to him or some other terrorist group.  They don't want freedom all they want is tyranny , Oppression and/or anarchy.  Iraq is not just their Holy Land it is ours too.  Christianity Has pretty Deeps roots in Iraq Our two religions do not differ that much its the same basic difference between Christians and Jews.  Were we as Christians see Jesus as our savor the Jews see him as a profit.  The Muslim religion believe in Jesus as the savor and Ala IS the same as GOD to us they are one in the same being.  The only difference is that they have Mohammad as a profit where we don't recognize him at all.  I'm not saying they are right in there beliefs but that they are not that much different then us.  The only reason why the believe we are the infidels is because most of them have been raised to believe we are a nation of atheists.  If you think I don't know what I'm talking about sit down and talk to a Muslim that has moved here from that region of the world.  I spent a year interacting and talking with them about their religion our religion and each others way of life. 

Number Two.  Bush has been a good president the attacks of 9-11 were not because of his foreign polices or his being a bad president but were the results of Clintons presidentsy and his foreign policy. My fellow National Guard soldiers would not have to have been called up to active duty if Clinton had not down sized the Active Duty so much.  If you think the War in Iraq is taking to long and we should have turned over control already Look to the past at the other wars and look how long they took and we are still in those countries even though they have control we are still there to ensure nothing happens in that region.  We still have basis in Bosnia, German, Korea and Ect.  President Bush has done a lot to secure our borders with out sacrificing our freedoms.


Now that, That's out of the way here are some of my other pages on this site

These pages are still under construction






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