Oct 5th Farscape London Rally

As the time approaches 1pm, on a relatively sunny day in central London, a small group starts to gather outside the location known only as Forbidden Planet

A cheerful start, where the checking of names was quite quick and easy. As more arrived, this became harder though.
Soon, some absolutely wonderful placards were unveiled. One showing a very patriotic looking Rygel.

It wasn't long before the rally turned into a photo session, but the numbers continued to build up well after the planned start.

It took a while for some of us to build up the nerve to start handing out flyers and leaflets, but once we started there was no holding us back.
After blocking enough of one side of the street to stop passers by on that side getting away without a flyer some brave souls noticed that victims.... er, people were getting away with walking along on the other side of the street. This obviously had to be stopped...

It's no good walking on the road, we can still get you with a well placed flyer!
Even cyclists and bus drivers could not escape.

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