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This page is dedicated to one of the best computer RPG's I have ever played. I have tried most of the TSR games produced by SSI as well as others such as Might & Magic, Bard's Tale, and Dungeon Master. A lot of them have their merits but are still pale by comparison. The only worthwhile one is the Eye of the Beholder series. One I would seriously recommend for anyone who owns a machine with quality graphics.

Please excuse the mess. Undergoing construction. So this page will be simple for a while.

Realmz application and scenarios

  1. Realmz 4.2.2here
  2. Prelude to pestilencehere
  3. Assault on Giant Mountainhere
  4. Destroy the Necromoniconhere
  5. Castle in the Cloudshere
  6. White Dragonhere
  7. Griloch's Revengehere

For those of you who enjoyed the original building styles of Realmz and use the portraits found in the Realmz Portraits file, I have a solution. Just place the following file in your Realmz folder.


Escape Velocity

Another notable Mac shareware game. Very versatile in that it is plug-in capable. Escape Velocity 1.0.5 can be found here.

My first plug-in for Escape Velocity. TSinc is a plug-in in which major corporations control planetary governments. It can be found hereTSInc.

Realmz is Copyrighted and Trademarked by Fantasoft LLC.

Escape Velocity is Copyrighted and Trademarked by Ambrosia Software, Inc.

I hope to soon have an addition to this page completely dedicated to dragon and fantasy art. As soon as I can get my work scanned I will post it here. In the meantime, if any visitor wishes to have his/her art diplayed here please feel free to submit samples with full name so that proper credit can be given.

Please feel free to E-mail me with any questions, comments or complaints

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