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About Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan is the pen name of James Oliver Rigney, Jr., the author known best for "The Wheel of Time," a voluminous epic fantasy book series. James and Harriet Rigney reside in Charleston, South Carolina (United States).

The Wheel of Time book series is published in the United States by Tor Books, a label of Tom Doherty Associates. It is published in the United Kingdom by Orbit Books, and has been translated into over 25 languages. Translations include French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Japanese. The books have been read by an international fan base.

Asked why he has never published any books under his real name, Rigney answers that his given name is reserved for any non-genre literature he may produce in his lifetime. Thus far, his most well known publication is a long work of fantasy; he has also published a Western novel and a series on Conan.

More about Robert Jordan

There are many pages inspired by and dedicated to Robert Jordan, who arguably has one of the biggest Internet fan bases of any writer. Most are dedicated to the Wheel of Time, and there are few Robert Jordan sites not dedicated to the phenomenally bestselling series. Fortunately, the Wheel of Time sites are dedicated enough to cover most things about Robert Jordan himself. I usually check silklantern - the interactive wheel of time story, which I've found to be a pretty good Wheel of Time site. It offers Robert Jordan publishing news on a regular basis.