Pencak Silat Bugis Makassar Gerak Ilham is a traditional Bugis and Makassar Pencak Silat from both within and outside South Sulawesi.  The organisation of Gerak Ilham was founded in the 60's by the Grand Master Bapak Joenoes Machmoed to preserve and promote the warrior traditions of this part of Indonesia.  Bapak Haji Halil and Bapak Haji Osman Balo is an advisor to the Gerak Ilham Organisation Worldwide.  Gerak Ilham Organisation also has it representative in West Java, Singapore, Brunei, South Thailand, Malaysia and United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom branch was established in 1977 by Mr. Aidinal Alrashid (Deputy and chief representative of the Grand Master) who is also in charge of Gerak Ilham activities worldwide.  The organisation has its headquarter in London and a branch in Durham. Gerak Ilham Organisation UK is also the founder of  Pencak Silat Federation of United Kingdom.

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