New: Star Trek vs Borg, Adapt and conquer! This is a new game that Pits the ST and SW universe against the BORG! Try it and have FUN!
For any of you Star Wars and Star Trek Fans, there are rules for a Star Trek vs. Star Wars game! Apparently it is equal because the power of both sides in an average game using normal decks was equal. If you want to modify your Star Trek Deck to conform to Star Wars and want to make the cards themselves equal, then check out these advanced Star Wars vs Star Trek Rules.
For Those of us who are tired of the Federation always passing all the missions and never battling, and those of us who want to see big wars, here are the rules for you! Star Trek Battle Rules that include everything from enhanced battle to specialized ship maneuver cards (included here). Perfect for advanced players.
If you have a Favorite Ship and wish you could play it every game, this is the game for you! Love the Future Enterprise? Have a Perfect Crew for the BortaS? Try these rules. Great for multiplayer madness with destruction and Havoc!
Paramount and Decipher own all rights to this so I will not take credit for any of this. This is for entertainment only and no $$$ is being made off of this so neither of the companies has to worry for their own rights. If you can read this disclaimer you don't need glasses.