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Star Fleet Academy Strategy Page
Star Fleet Academy Intro
Star Fleet Academy is the latest computer flight simulator dealing with Star Trek.  Originally being more like a fighter simulation, Starfleet Academy was patched by Interplay.  Now it provides realistic, challenging starship combat played in either multiplayer or single player mode.  All ships are beutifully presented even without a 3DFX card (though it is 3D enhanced).
Here are strategies for the most commonly flown starships.
Federation Starships
U.S.S. Miranda
This starship is equipped with two foreward and two backward facing torpedos and a pair of phasers.  With this ship, a player must attack swiftly, using a full front barrage, then passing and launching a full rear barrage of torpedos.  The Phasers have incredibly wide firing arcs and may often be used at enemies to the side of the starship.  The Miranda, however, has a pathetically light hull.  Whenever it is rammed by any ship larger than a Romulan Bird of Prey, it is nearly demolished.  While its shields can withstand a barrage of 2 photon torpedos, the hull will weaken from far less.  Once the shields on the Miranda are down, its best hope is to do a barrel roll (mentioned below).
Offensive Rating:  7/10
Defensive Rating: 5/10
Speed/ Maneuver Rating: 8/10
U.S.S. Constitution
This starship is the balance of all starships.  Though it has no rear weaponry, the Constitution has maneuverability enough to get most ships in the front arc, where it sports two photon torpedos.  If fired in close proximity to the target, they can cause considerable damage to the shields or even the hull if followed by a barrage of phasers.  Unfortunately, this ship is outclassed by any of the supercruisers. Considerable Shielding and great hull allow this ship to withstand most attacks.
Offensive Rating: 6.5/10
Defensive Rating 7.5/10
Speed/Maneuver Rating:  7/10
U.S.S. Excelsior
This starship is too powerful in every way.  If a player cannot succede with this advice could possibly help.
Offensive Rating: 9.5/10
Defensive Rating 10/10
Speed/Maneuver Rating: 6/10
Klingon Starships
I.K.C. B'rel
These "Birds of Prey" are not effective in anything but Galactic War or Dogfight.  The B'rel was designed for a lot of weaponry and few defenses.  In one reported case, a knat took a B'rel down.  The B'rel does have an advantage over the miranda... the cloak.  In Galactic War this is a very valuable tool, but even as a tactical weapon, the cloak can provide a player with a serious advantage.  The B'rel's weapons do not track their target in the first few seconds of decloak, but after that, a surprise attack is possible.  A B'rel must use cloaking hit and run tactics to overcome its enemies.  Cloak, however, should not be overused as the shields go down in the first few seconds of cloak.
Offensive Rating: 5/10
Defensive Rating 4.5/10 (+2 for cloak)
Speed/ Maneuver Rating: 8.5/10
I.K.C. K'tinga
These starships are the medium starships of the galaxy.  They have a rear firing torpedo, a quad fore disruptor, and a photon in the front.  If flown wisely, a K'tinga could take on a Constitution starship because of its stronger hull and cloaking device.  However, if the sensors are too damaged, this ship is out of the fight.  When the foreward boom gets blown off (accomplished by targetting sensors), the ship loses all but 2 of its disruptors and the rear torpedo.  The most honourable captains would self destruct their ships right their to prevent boarding, or else ram the opponents ship to attempt to take them down as well.
Offensive Rating: 6/10
Defensive Rating: 7/10 (+2 cloak)
Speed/Maneuver Rating: 7/10
I.K.C. Ber'taa
These Starships are flying bricks.  They have a turn radius that approaches infinity.  However, They have excellent weapons and more disruptors than most thought it possible to have on one ship.  A load of 350 torpedos provides this ship with enough firepower to take out more than one of anything under an Excelsior. The weak shields must be protected, lest the opponent gets a lucky barrage in.  The strategy to this ship is getting the enemy in front of the cannons.
Offensive Rating: 10/10
Defensive Rating: 9/10
Speed/Maneuver Rating: 1/10
Romulan Ships
Bird Of Prey
"No shields... one torpedo with 12 ammo... 2 disruptors... how is this ship supposed to take out a shuttlecraft?" is a commonly asked question.   For this reason, most players tend to overlook this starship in favor of a K'tinga or a Constitution.  Anyone who has faced one of these in the hands of a compitent captain would soon find out just how annoying they are.  Imagine this scenerio: A K'tinga class cruiser is busily moving toward a planet with a new supply of troops.  Suddenly a loud zapping noise is hurd... then silence.  This is a real life scenerio.  I was once attacked by one of these in a multiplayer game.  I was flying merrily on my way... when suddenly a heard a plasma hit my hull... and then a crashing sound.  The Bird Of Prey fired a plasma torp and rammed me, obliterating me before I had a chance to say "humuhumunukunukuap'aua". If employed correctly, the opponent of anything smaller than a supercruiser would run as fast as possible.  The hull more than makes up for the lack of shielding... and the plasma torpedo delivers one heck of a blast!  Remember to use the twelve ammo that this ship provides wisely.
Offensive Rating: 9/10
Defensive Rating: 6/10 (+2 Cloak)
Speed/Maneuver Rating: 7.5/0
Garuda Class Supercruiser
This ship is a favorite of those who like heavies.  The tactics are simple.  Decloak behind an enemy and watch them fry as you launch your two deadly plasma torpedos.  This ship is good for new players because the torpedos track the enemy.
Offensive Rating: 10/10
Defensive Rating: 8/10 (+2 Cloak)
Speed/Maneuver Rating: 3/10
Tactics In Galactic War
Go Here to Learn How to Play GWAR
Gwar has many strategies that one could employ.  Even though it is a pretty simple game concept, the strategies are endless.  This document assumes a complete understanding of the basic concepts of GWAR. (for further help on game rules, see the link above.)
Tactic 1)  Transport Disruptor Beam.  If there is an enemy in the same system as your ship, an attempted beam will result in a message stating: "Transport disruptor in use"  This means that an enemy ship is blocking your transport.  A very persistance enemy could remain at his/her homeworld for the whole game, making it a stalemate.  There is a way to circumvent this short of destroying the offending vessel.  The Transport disruptor beam has an effective range of about 35000 klicks.  Anything passed that, and your vessel is free to transport.  Planets are usually larget than 35000 klicks, so if you went AROUND the planet, you could surely transport the troops on the other side.  This works especially well if your ship is armed with a cloaking device.   Make sure not to fly too close to the gravitational field of the planet.

Tactic 2)  When a starship warps in, it lands just far enough outside of the transporter range so that one could not beam troops to or from a planet without wasting about 20 seconds to turn around and fly towards it.  (At the very beginning of the game your ship starts really far from the planet).  The way to overcome this wait is to perform a "Near Warp Transport" (as coined in a TNG episode).  Any planet may be beamed to/from ON the warp in when you FLY passed the planet.  If you time the beam just right, you will not have to fly towards the planet, but will have the troops right away.  At the very beginning of the game, if you time it right, you can get troops from your planet AS you warp over it.  This gives your team a GREAT advantage.

Tactic 3) The beginning moves of GWAR are always the most decisive.  There are two possible strategic moves one can make.
            a) beam the two troops on warp in as mentioned above, then head to Klingon II (if you are feds) or Federation II (if you are klingons) and beam two troops right there at the planet.  If you perform both beamings quick enough, you will have a strategic invasion point where you can easily strike their homeworld.  It is also demoralizing to see a blue Klingon II or a red Federation II.

            b) If you are incredibly fast, warp DIRECTLY to their homeworld before they can beam troops to their ships, and wait there.  Let your team mates finish off the work while you do a barrel roll (press the down arrow and the roll key)  to dodge nearly all of their shots.  the result will be that they have no troops and are occupied while your friends slowly take over the galaxy.  The opposing team cannot win without access to troops.  Beware other readers of this page though.  They will fly around their planet and beam their own troops up despite your disrutptor beam if they have cloaks.

Tactic 4)  Beam while cloaked!  It will confuse the opponent.  But don't forget to decloak if you want to protect your planet!