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This is by far the best site I have and the most I have worked on. There are lots of pictures of everyone (over 50 of Sarah Michelle Gellar alone-some I added effects to) and a poll too. This is the most hit and popular FOXXED webpage.

This site contains three cartoons: Reboot, Tiny Toons, and Animaniacs. I'm actually surprise at how many people like watching Tiny Toons. I get the most toon hits from that site. The only page that is still under construction is Animaniacs.

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This logo will send you back to this page. Here you can sample *.mp3 and *.mid by FOXXED.

This site contain original pictures of the Sailor Scouts that I have drawn. You can take them if you ask. If you want to use them on your site, please add a link to my page and give me credit for them. This site gets the most hits.

I have to be honest. I haven't put much up on this page except a really cool background and "This page is under construction." I don't know if I will be keeping the site. When I started making my own webpage, I wanted to put everything I like on but the truth is, it's really hard trying to manage them all.

Cool sounds in *.wav format, music in *.zip format, and pictures from Star Wars.

Yes, the "X" stands for The X-Files! You can see the dossiers of Agent Scully and Mulder, download pictures (lots!) and expose yourself to the truth. Read the classified files at your own discretion. I am not responsible if anything happens to you :-) You can also add your own theories. I hope to get the site running by mid September '98, unless they get to me first.



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