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Collecting in The Netherlands

Last updated on December 18th, 2006

Welcome to STARWARSHOLLAND's traders place

Hi! You stopped by a one-stop-source for all kinds of unusual Star Wars items. Besides the obvious Hasbro/Kenner toys there is loads of other odd, cute, beautiful and strange material. My collection has three mainstreams:

  • Star Wars food and drink items
  • Star Wars display and promotional material
  • Star Wars Kenner/Hasbro toys

As I live in Diemen, near Amsterdam, The Netherlands, it is not always easy to obtain the above materials from every part of the world. That is why I started this site back in 1996. If I cant get me the items I would like, then I am sure you can!

I have unscratched lottery tickets for you! Maybe you are a WINNER with my ticket!

If you see anything you like and want to have it, just email me and here or here and let me know!!

Stanley Parree

Revenge Of The Sith items added to Tradelist!

On June 6th more items are added to my yahoo page. After being in the USA, Australia and Asia i brought back some very nice items such as Australian Hungry Jacks fastfod cups and toys, Hong Kong Kellogg's boxes and premiums and US waffle-premiums! Another very rare item on my tradelist will be a set of actual ATM cards from Siam Commercial Bank from Thailand. These are are rare and will be traded under certain conditions only. As i try to find the time to add more to the tradelist and update all info on the site i will be able to serve YOU -the fellow trader- better. In the meantime email me for more info of what I have to trade. Mainly Episode II and UPCOMING Episode III items are frequently added to the trade list!

A complete overhaul of this site is also planned. For pics of my trade items as well as private collection take a look at my yahoo page. It will extend over the coming weeks as i am in the process of cataloging everything i have.

Real ATM card set from Thailand

Attack Of The Clones is the best Star Wars movie! Maybe ROTS soon?

With the The Attack of the Clones being one of the best Star Wars films, I look forward to Revenge of the Sith!
The trade page will therefore be expanded with an Episode II and III section. It will feature, among other items, magazines from all over the world. But also a Japanese full color set of 4 Episode II Pepsi cans, Chips bags from Hungary , Nestle cornflakes boxes from Chili, Greece and Asia and Kelloggs boxes from Germany, Norway and Finland. Also Merlin sticker albums from Finland, Italy and the UK are present on the list. Look out for it as it will be online within weeks.

A fresh look of these full color cans!

Currently I have no items for sale on Ebay. But check out my auctions at Ebay, some trilogo stuff was for sale!

Japan and Singapore Episode I items!

I found some of the Pepsi cans that are displayed on the poster, as well as some newly designed charachter photo Pepsi bottles from Japan. Look at my tradepage for pics of them, as they will be added in June. I will also trade some magnets coming from 1.5liter bottles from Japan, as well as a Japanese Tomy deformed Battle Droid in its box!!! And last but not least, some beautiful cans from Singapore!

I have this beautiful Pepsi can available for trade

The rare full-color can from Singapore.

Click here for my magnets available for trade!

Unique Pepsi glasses from Pizza Hut in Belgium!

These beautiful glasses are really unique since they are issued only in Belgium. They were available when you bought a meal at specific restaurants. The set consists of 6 full color glasses with the Pepsi logo on the back. I will have sets to trade soon. Let me know if you're interested in gettin' some!

Pizza Hut glasses from Pepsi

Do you want to have some special international item? Trade!

Always wondered how Japanese Star Wars Pepsi cans looked like? Interested in a Spanish Star Wars chips bag? Or were you looking for a Dutch ice cream wrapper? I have all that to trade and much much more! I have to pages where you can see the overwhelming amount of special international items I have for trade! For Episode I trade material go to the almost fully operational Episode I tradelist . This one will be updated frequently! For Classic Star Wars and SW:SE items check out the Classic trade page. Both feature action figures, promotional material, posters, food and drink items, displays and much more! Click here to go to the classic Star Wars trade page!

Fantastic displays from all over the world!

Wanna see some beautiful Star Wars displays? Click here now!Don't you have anything to trade, but would you still like to see some international displays? Take a look then at a fantastic collection of displays that I gathered from around the world. Some are really wonderful, others are so enormous I hardly have space for it! Want to see some atractive Point Of Sale(POS) material just check out the Display page. Anytime soon, Episode I displays will be added. Come back in March 2000 for those.

Food and drink items with Star Wars.

I am also able to present you some weird and obvious items in the food and drink range with Star Wars promotions. Wanna taste some? Get a bite at the Classic Star Wars Food and Drink page where promotions like the 1997 Movieshots phenomena from Holland will be highlighted. Also at the Episode I page products will be added frequently!Food and drink with Star Wars

Star Wars : Magic Of Myth

The first exposition of Magic of Myth in DC In March 1998, I visited the Star Wars Exhibit in the Air and Space Museum from the Smithsonian. Check out some fabulous stands of this ultimate Star Wars exhibition on my Magic of Myth page !

European Trilogo and Commtalk Star wars figures

And if you are looking for European Trilogo figures, pictures or information, then the Kenner page is the place to go!Kenner and Hasbro Star Wars figures info pageOn The Kenner page you can look at Orange carded Shadows of The Empire figures or check availablity of all released Trilogos!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. I will be happy to help you any way I can! Email me or visit me! Everything is possible.

A lot of stuff, and this is only the bedroom!

Here I stand in my Star Wars bedroom on January 25th, 2000

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