-------Knights Of the Phoenix

Strong alone, Invincible together


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Mission Statement

Mission statement


The “Knights of the Phoenix” exist to protect the dark facet Felucia and all her domains. It is our stated goal to control all aspects of life within the dark facet and force all upstarts and invaders out of our beloved home. It is our sacred duty to excel in combat through individual skill at arms and collective organization and pride. While the ranks of our squires are open to all, those who wish to enter the Knighthood proper must prove that they posses these traits. It is also our sacred task to defend and aid the good folk of Britannia, but sadly this will bring us into conflict to others, but this must be accepted for the greater glory of ourselves and the Greater knighthood.
Even in the battle we must always show our honor . Never attacking the unarmed unless they pose a threat to the safety of fellow members, your charges, or yourself. Finally while in battle no member is permitted to insult an opponent or fellow knight, squire or guard.
Most important is adherence to the measure of our Knighthood while honoring our suborders codes. Always remember that we are a guild based on honor and chivalry and everyone has responsibilities. While this may not always be spelled out they must always be followed. Respect and honor are the currencies we value most.