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I'm Lt. Commander Gwendolyn Riva of the USS Hippocrates. I'm supposed to be helping the Captain doing something important on the bridge, but I needed to water my plants! I hate when the roses wilt, don't you?

I always like to chat with someone, so send me an e-mail when you get a chance.Please?
The plants are beginning to talk back to me..

Then again they do make more sense then the Federation does! Has the Captain told you about our treatment recently? Well, then you better get it straight from Capt. Ryan, I don't want anyone to accuse me of being a gossip. You can transport directly to her location here. Well, not yet,the transportors must be malfunctioning. I hope they're fixed soon! Until then, I guess you're stuck with me here. Did I ever tell you about those nice Klingons that were on board a while back? They were soooo helpful in moving those big piles of topsoil for my herb garden.

And don't look so happy about doing it?

I have to get back to my pruning now, see ya!

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Botany-The Encyclopedia of Plants
Flora of China
African Violets Online
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Virtual Bouquet.com
Orchid House

Oh my! There have been to my garden.

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