Warning!! This site is graphic intense!!
My name is St'Karas Ray'Antha, of the House D'Jani
You would not know me, unless I had bothered to show myself to you before as... perhaps... a dream? or vision? I wouldn't remember. You are, after all, a human.
I suppose I'll bother to tell you of myself, though it won't matter, really.
I am the gate keeper, and Gaurdian of the Senshi Solars
Dare you wish to know more? Dare you enter further into the story? Or are you like most humans, and don't realy care until it's to late?
What is your choice?
I see.
Well, alright, then. This is the story of the Sailor Solar Senshi.
I do beleive it all started when the Senshi in question where at their school by the name of Mt. De Sales . They where using the names
Nebruara Rune (That is Nebula Rune)
Kurisutaru Wateru (That is Crystal Water)
Ridea Spenseru (That is Lidea Spenser)
Toni Montsugomeri (That is Toni Montgomery)
Raejina Arekanderu (That is Reagina Alexander)
They where in a band known then as "The Sun's Ray". At a local performance, one of the managers for the Star Lights, before that band broke up, noticed them, then brought his friends with him to the second one, and then hired the girls the next day, interupting their classes in doing so.
Crystal: "YES!!!!!!! WE'RE GOIN ON TOUR WITH THE..."sigh*... STAR LIGHTS!!!" (Yes, her hair is like that naturaly)
*blink* Um, anyway, where was I? Oh, yes...
So, naturaly, they went along with it. They joined the same high school as the other Sailor Senshi. At this high school, they met all the others. Usagi, first, then Minako second. However, many of the girls where little interested in each other, except Usagi... She was quite irritating! As I recall, I had to ask her nicely to get away from me when I went to see the girls.
"Get the HELL away from you little PEST!!!"
It was during their stay here that I became their one and only mananger... Anyway, I had to inform that since the Star Lights where backing out of their contract, The Sun's Ray had to take over... meaning they where staying permanantly. At that time, I had no idea they where the girls I was looking for.
Until the next performance.
It was here that we met a strange girl using the name Rei.
"Hi, Guys! Great performance!"
I knew the moment I saw her she was the Sailor Scout of Mars, and a fraud, just like the rest. After quietly excusing myself, I left each of the girls a pendant and left, leaving them to deal with the false Senshi. It didn't take long for the real enemy, the one Rei had been sensing, came out of hiding!
She called herself "Festival".
In reality, her name was Turistuko. An old enemy of mine who had followed me from the gates, back. She knew I was weak and had tried to attack me once before. Before my girls knew what to expect, the few Sailor Senshi present had trasformed!!
Startled, one girl noticed the pendants and spoke alloud... "hmm...I wonder..." having read the inscription on the back, she chanted and trasformed!!
"The Wind of the Sun blows forever with the Strength and Power of the Great Star that Guides Us!! I am the Senshi of Solar Wind!! SAILOR SOLAR WIND!!"
She was, in fact, quite confused, because she did not remember what she had been. Scared, she fell back with the others as the outher fake Scouts finished off Festival. It was a bad moment for my girls, but it wouldn't last. For as Sailor Moon used her powers, my girls realized who they where, and left before the fake senshi could find them.
The Next Day
was quite strange indeed.
It was after school one day and the girls where all in a group, with Rei and Usagi and all the other senshi as well as the Sun Senshi. They where attacked by another monster, this one I had no idea where she came from or who she was!!
She called herself "Excellence", and she claimed to have been sent by "Enberuwoodo".
The name was slightly familliar. *shrug* Once again they transformed. But this time, Sailor Solar Flare emerged from Crystal.
The Senshi all, together, began to attack but this couldn't last!! I refused to allow my Senshi, the TRUE Senshi, to work with the imposters!! I asked an old friend of mine for some help.
He was so cooperative! "Fine, just don't hurt me..."
So, Artemis ran back to his little group and informed them of my threat to the scouts.
"But I don't understand, if they are Senshi why do they want to hurt us?"
"You're right, ChibiUsa. It doesn't make any sense... No, wait, it does. Maybe they are all Farces!"
Whatever their decision was after that I don't remember, all I know is that they wheren't ready for the fight they got. The next day, after giving my girls a reason to fight the fake Senshi, the girls all met hilside and I...well...restrained Tuxedo Mask for his own benefit... *very evil grin* He's very good... *AHEM!* ANYWAY... They all did their little transformations...
and the fight began!! They got a few good hits off first...
But their victories never lasted long, before The Sailor Solars even began to fight, they combined their powers and the false Senshi had to deal with their own magic right back at them!
We soon had Sailor Moon traped in a case of Solar Force's hold
when out of NOWHERE comes Lady Nebula...in her ROYAL FORM!!
and it was in this form that she strode up to Sailor Pluto. She looked to Pluto, then to Sailor Solar Wind and cast a spell, turning her into a normal, brown haired human girl.
Sailor Solar Wind and Sailor Solar Flare, the only two Sailor Solars at that time, stoped their attacks, the Sailor Scouts stopped theirs and Lady Nebula began to speak:
"I understand there is some confusion between who is the real scout and who isn't. I tell you now that before the time of the Moon Kingdom and before the time before that, in an Empire located in our Nebula, lived my mother, Star Light, and my Father, Star Dust. They brought together the first Sailor Senshi ever to exist, the Sailor Solars, and they have risen because I have awakened... I do, however require the service of all of you. Please, ignore what My Gaurdian has told you! She is twisted by age and forgets what the true meaning of our people is! My Mother's Mother created the Sailor Solars, and gave that gift of Creation to Queen Serenity's Great Grandmother, thus, that power has still existed. I'm sorry."
And with that, she dissapeared again, and I with her, leaving the only 2 Sailor Solars behind, as we went to find the missing 2.