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This page is devoted to Daniel Andreev, Russian poet and religious thinker of the middle of the XX century. His best known book "Roza Mira" ("The Rose of the World") which was written mostly in prison at Stalin's time, is about religion in the modern world. Along with world religions such as Christianity, he also considers mythical revelations of different cultures which together compose the "religion of total", the Rose of the World. For Daniel Andreev, the Rose of the World is a spiritual flower whose roots are in heaven: each petal is an unique image of the great world religions and cultures, and the whole flower is their joint co-creation with God

The first English translation of The Rose of the World has been published by Lindisfarne Books
The ordering information is available here.

If you would like to meet more people interested in Daniel Andreev's writing, visit the Lighthouse of All Roads.
There is a discussion group devoted to Daniel Andreev's writing.
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