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Hi, My name is Chris.  I often go by the username Teachercan.  As my username implies, I am a teacher-- a teacher from Canada.  In my spare time, however, I am an active comic book collector.  You can find me on eBay buying or selling my comic books.
     In this web page, I have further information about myself and my family,  my philosophy concerning buying and selling comics, a photo gallery of several of my favorite comic covers and most importantly, a list of comics that I have for sale.
Comics for Sale
My buying and selling philosophy
Comic photo gallery
About me and my family
To see my eBay About Me Page, Click Here
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To contact me email or see my eBay listings under the username teachercan.
  Here you see a picture of my two
youngest children, Kyle (age 15) and
Brittany (age 13).  The picture, though,
is a couple of years old.  I will probably
add a couple of newer pictures in a
photo gallery at a later date.  By the way, I am the other person in the photo.
I have an older son, Aaron, who doesn't live at home.