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MicathWelcome to the new and improved version of the Unofficial Pern Webpage! It's finally summer! Whoo hoo!! At the beginning of the paragraph, you can see one of the new guides, Micath. Isn't he cute? There are more dragons waiting for your visits on my other pages, so dive right in!

Some good news recently came to my ears that will have all lovers of the Pern series excited. Curious? Check out the news section!

As many of you, my faithful visitors, know, I have gotten a bit behind in writing my review. Okay, a lot behind. I recently had a wonderful suggestion, though: if any of you would like to write a book review, I'll put it on my review page, along with your name, email address and webpage, if you have one. Great publicity for your page! I finished a form for you to submit you reviews, so it should be much easier to do so now!


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All books under the review section are coyrighted by Anne McCaffrey. No infringement of her copyright is meant. Any reviews that are offensive, no offense is meant, but they shall not be removed unless necessary. They are my personal book reviews, and are not to be used as school book reviews. In that spirit, they are not complete, and cannot be used. This is a personal, not for profit homepage.

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