Weird Theories and Unanswered Questions

Weird Theories and Unanswered Questions

Brought to you by 5 CRAZY teenage chicks from Australia.. Jess, Kerren, Mel, Lee and Dil.

UPDATED: 6/12/98

Welcome to our page!
In this page, you'll see all our weird theories we've made up over the last few years and those questions that no-one seems to be able to answer!! I know you know what we're talking about because you haven't pressed your "back" button yet, have you??
We'll update constantly (well.. when we get a chance that is) so bookmark this page now before you forget!

Ok, so we've done a lot of renovations over the last couple of days and the theories page is now well under way. Remember to keep checking for new questions or adding your own, we've also added a few you've sent us to the list.

Cya round... Jess, Kerren, Lee, Dil and Mel.

Due to popular demand, we will be putting up some info and pics on ourselves. Keep watching the skies cos its coming soon!!!

WOW! This Page was found in the "USA TODAY" news paper in their TOP 5 HOT SITES on the 10th of MarchWOW!

WOW! we won another award :) we were selected as the ApeLikeAward winning Hip Person(s)

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Hey Guess what?? We were found in the Spring Edition of Australian Net Directory on pg.45 where we were giving five stars for this page :)

Enter The Unanswered Questions Page and be amazed....
Updated: 13/7/98

And now we have up some answer to the Unanswered Questions!! more will be put up later but for now.... Answers

Enter the Weird Theories Page and prepare to visit the 17th Dimension....
NEW!SIMLIFE Theory up and running!!

Now before you go e-mailing us telling us the links don't work.. We'll tell you now.. SOME OF THEM AREN'T UP YET!! hehehe

Enter The Hall of Fame and worship the Lords who's suggestions have made this such a great page..

People have drifted through this site and left here completely insane. Will you be next?

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