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Welcome to my Pern Online Character Page!  I've been MOOing for about 2 years now, and found that yes, Pern is addictive.  Below is a list of my characters that I play and where I play them.  I've only four characters listed, but I've a few more running around here and there.  No, I'm not telling you who they are - after all a girl's got to have her secrets. ;)

  drgbullblue.gif (924 bytes) Arial - Dragonrider on VirtuaPern

  drgbullgreen.gif (924 bytes) Aryne - Dragonrider on DragonsFire

  drgbullteal.gif (924 bytes) Arial - Feisty Nomad on DragonsDusk

  Usako - Motherly Headwoman on DragonsDusk


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