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It's an update, so Yahoo owns it.Los enlaces a copias de las imágenes usadas en la vieja Digital Picket Line también se quedan, dado que ahora son de dominio público:original Yahoo! TOS

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YaHoo! - El mayor directorio en Internet!

Free Web Space!

Tripod: 11 megabytes of space, upgradeable to 22 for a monthly fee (which also grants you an e-mail address and allows you to install a chat room). A custom URL! They have a counter and guestbook (I think... haven't checked out the guestbook). I don't remember if the banner exchange is LinkExchange or just their own, but they have one in place. Very good simple page builder, online editing, file upload. Navigation has been a bit tricky for me to figure out, but overall this is really a great little system, and 11 megs is more than most people will use! Like Geocities, these people are legit, they're not out to sell your name to anybody, and they support the system with advertising.
They have a section devoted to anime! Cool!

Xoom: 11 megs of space for free! Xoom is probably still one of the least "homey" of any of the so-called online communities, but they're working on it. The down side with Xoom is that they're still in the building stages and don't offher all of the services that Tripod or Geocities offer... more of a "do it yourself" service. However, they offer a ton of graphics free for your use on your web page, and they have a simple page builder for non-html-knowledgable types. Otherwise they direct you to free programs and services that you can find on the internet, like Guest World for your guest book, Link Exchange for your banner, and FTP programs and HTML editors that you can find out on the web (some of which I list here). This makes for an easy start-up for their free web service, since they didn't have to build all of the stuff that Geocities has built themselves. But that makes it difficult for the beginner. They have a simple web-page builder, but beyond that you need to build offline and ftp to your site, and it took me a while to master that part.

Of course, nobody gives free web space out of the goodness of their hearts. Tripod have advertising, both in their banner and their pop-up menus, and on their own core pages. With Xoom, you avoid all of that, but you have to put up with them constantly trying to sell you their animated gifs and software packages -- that is, after all, their main business. Luckily buying anything is not a requirement to get free web space. You get the custom URL, which is neat. They are also anime-friendly, with an anime section!

Fortune City: At one time the only legitimate site that really gave you a whole 10 megs to build on (Now outdone by Xoom, Geocities, and Tripod, all at 11 megs!). Fortune City is another quality service. They have a pretty good community setup on the same general idea as Geocities, allowing you to select the community and house/address that you want to live in, and, wonder of wonders, they even have a city map! I thought that was extra cool!
They offer all the usual amenities, including banner exchange (LinkExchange), web counter, guestbook, etc, a simple page builder that's not half bad and online editing and file-upload that works okay, just not quite in the same realm as Geocities. I experienced severe lag until this monday when they added a second server. Right now their system (file uploading and whatever) is really flying! One of their requirements is 60 hits on your page a month and/or updating of your page, otherwise it could disappear (they notify you first, I think). On the other hand, I don't update my page every month, and it doesn't get that many hits, but it's still there...

As for the rest of these "free web space" sites, I can't guarantee you won't be selling your soul (or at least your mail address) for what they give you, especially on the cheesey "1 page" or "5 pages" sites. They all have rules about content and whether commercial stuff is allowed (usually not). Check 'em out for yourself.
If you want my advice, Geocities is still the overall top choice. Not too many people out there are really giving you something for free, especially when it comes to web space. Even Xoom is hoping you buy some of their products!

11 megs of space, and customized URL, but no e-mail address (they promise one soon!). No click-thru ads or banners! Lots of HTML help!

Free E-Mail!

There are several sites that offer you a free e-mail address. Having a second e-mail address can be useful, especially if you share an account with other family/household members or you get your internet access through school or work.
There are places to get free e-mail as well, and they have an added advantage: since you access your e-mail from their web site, you don't have to worry about travelling away from your internet provider. If you can get on the net in Singapore or Dublin or Johannesburg, then you can check your e-mail account just as easily as you could at home. If I wanted to do that with my Sprynet address I'd have to find out what the local Sprynet/Compuserve number was first (assuming there was one), and dial that. It wouldn't be easy or convenient.
Of the following free e-mail providers, I've tried Iname, and Netaddress. Netaddress throws a lot of animated advertising onto their site, making it slow to load. The Yahoo site is much faster to access, read your mail, and get out.
My favorite, I think, is the Iname site. You can customize your address: a free account offers a handful of addresses like "cyberdude.com" "cheerful.com" and the like; or for $17.95 a year you get a choice of hundreds of addresses tied to occupations, interests, and even religion, so that you can have a "doctor.com" or a "buddist.com" address tag. Plus they do e-mail forwarding, so that you can redirect your mail to your current e-mail address rather than have to go to their internet site! They also have a slick interface with signature and browse for file attatchment options. Nifty!

Free List Servers!

Now that I know of a second service, I can make this a seperate section. Coollist and FindMail both offer free mailing lists -- set up your own or join an existing one! Unfortunately, I don't know much about FindMail at the moment, and as for Coollist, they are slow and unreliable most of the time. But the concept is still a cool one! Hopefully FindMail will do a better job of it!

Free Graphics For Your Web Page!

Okay! So you don't have a fancy scanner like me, or a nifty program like Adobe Photoshop. You still want your web page to look good, right? Well of course! What you need is a handy list of sites that offer nifty graphics (backgrounds, buttons, banners, and animated graphics) to help you get rolling! I've got the cure for what ails you:

Free Java Scripts!

Free Help! HTML and Web Page Design

Go to Gilpo's! Go to Gilpo's!

Free (Or Nearly Free) HTML Editors

There's no real need to go buy Front Page or some other commercial HTML editor when there are several good alternatives available online! So far I've checked out Gomer and EditPad, and of the two, Gomer is the far superior product, allowing you to do just about anything you'd want to quickly and easily. However, Gomer is not free -- you can use it for a 30-day trial period, but then must register it. It's a $20.00 registry, not too bad. But some of the free editors are even more powerful!
EditPad is not free either -- quite -- free either. It's "Postcardware". You have to register it, but all that requires is that you send a nice postcard from your home town or area to the designer. He collects 'em, and he likes to know where his program's been to lately. Such a deal! It might as well be free! EditPad is not a fancy program, but it is better than doing it in notepad or some other text editor.
Another one is HomeSite by Allaire. They have a freeware version available, HomeSite 2.1, but I haven't checked it out.
Some of these editors are pretty dang powerful, and I'm only scratching the surface. I'm listing mostly the free ones, so you won't find (for example) Hotdog Pro linked on this page, although it is an extremely powerful program. If you want to check out all of your shareware (need to register and pay some kind of fee to keep using it) programs, of which there are tons, a great site is Tucows, "the ultimate collection of winsock software". They do reviews, list whether it's freeware, shareware, or whatever, provide secure virus-free downloads, and link you directly to the creator/company's site. A great place!
One program I don't have a link to is Webwerx, which you can get directly from Tucows. They rate it highly too. I should also note, I'm listing what I found for Win95, but many of these sites have Win 3.1 versions available. If you can't find a Mac version at these sites, go directly to the Tucows site and look there!

Free (Or Nearly So) FTP Programs

The only FTP program I've downloaded it Cute FTP, which I haven't done much with yet, and it's not free. Here at Geocities you don't really need an FTP program because they have one built in, but for other places, an FTP is pretty much essential.
The biggest reason I list Cute FTP is because it's consistently rated one of the best if not the best. It's not exactly cheap to register (I consider cheap to be $20 or less), but cost can be relative. You may find that it's so much better than the other options that you're willing to pay the $40.00. Anyway, the trial copy is free, so you've nothing to lose by testing it out first.

Free Web Site Promotion

Put a Search Engine On Your Hardrive For Free

Download the Altavista search engine for free. You can even use it to search your own computer. I haven't tried it, mind you, but it costs you nothing...

[Altavista Search Engine]

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