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Many of the Site Graphics on my site are from Free Sailor Moon Graphics Society. Almost all the others are made by me.

Well I've changed the message board that use to be used for The Sailor Moon: New Dawn RPG/Story Board To act now as the main one here. With my new website on my own server at I need the one that I was using for here and it seems that The RPG is dead. I might update and finish this site someday but my new one has all my attention. It's host of my Own PC so is easier to work on.

Looks like I wasn't able to get this place all up before/by 2001 like I though I was. Next, my Serial Experiments: Lain site, Lain: Deeply Wired, end up on my own server instead of here. Also as much as it pains me, I might be ending up moving this place to Fortunecity once I do update/complete it. I'm down to 1.89 MB left. I Don't think it's enough. I can't host it on my own server because of the bandwidth it would take.

Well, I  just have to see. I love geocities. They, like Angelfire, have been the host of my websites since I first came on the net. Their Home for this page just as Angelfire is home to my PC game page. Also If I do update this place this page will most likely be made into frames. It will make this page easier to read. Everything on the very bottom will be up top too. All the other pages with stay non-frames. They look so much beautiful that way.

Here's a World you should all visit. It's beautiful world and has great Anime and other Art on it.
Here's the Portal command to take you to it's location:
Crystal Sky Zone!

Also tomorrow or tonight I'll have a Place on the Moon with banner for Star Pastures in case anyone want to link a portal to here. Also this place should become more active soon. I got StarShips coming in with lots of Work Bots to help get all the Cities on my Moon up and going. I'm going to try to get everything up and running before 2001, which is only 2 months away.

I'll get it done if I just sit down in the Cab of my Construction Bot and start working but it's hard to get the will power to do actual work, even thought I'll enjoy it when I do get started. It all comes down to sleep. If I get started I won't stop for about 20 hours or more. That mean no sleep for a long time. Something that I dread. Also if anyone got anything they like to say about the site you can send me a Com. Message to here:

Sorry for no updates for so long but life's busy. Way to busy. But for now I must exist in this world, at least till mankind's technology gets a little more advanced. On that topic I will be Starting a Serial Experiments: Lain Shrine here at Star Pastures. This Anime has become one of my favorites. It deserves a place on my Moon. And so shall it have a place here.  Well I'm just going to leave you with three things I recently wrote. See you in the Wired.

I Walk threw the Wired, at home, at peace. It is my home, my world. All other worlds are not mine. Cyberspace, Wired, two names for the same world. My world.   -StarDruid

I see the old world beyond the vale, A world were I only partially exists in. It is a world I must exist in for now, but soon I will be able to leave it completely behind. Soon I will final got home forever. Then my peace will be complete as will I be. -StarDruid

A place where time, space, love, destiny, fate, peace, war, light, darkness, and the soul are one. All are welcome to join us.   -StarDruid

Well I got a Free Web Graphics page now. So Fare just 4 pics I've made fro my page. Two Portals/Star Gates, a beam Cannon email pic and an animated version of the beam cannon.

I now have Winamp Skins for Download. Currently I only have one Skin, a Sailor Mercury one. More will be coming as I get free time to do them. Also I'm offer to custom make Skins too.

The Sailor Moon New Dawn RPG/Story will be starting on friday. Also I've changed the Site around a little. You can now ether Go to the central station (old index.html page) or The RPG main page from here.

Also I now have a Award to offer. All info can be found by Clicking on the Star Pastures' Guardian's Beautiful Site Award link here or on the top

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