The 7th Layer
  • Welcome to The 7th layer, I am Jesse, your guide, leader, teacher, master, or whatever
  • you require me to be.
  • This page consists of links to  related sites, works submitted by others,
  • and whatever else I desire.
  • If you would like to see me, click on my name.
  •   Normally, here I have a little comment about whatever's on my mind, accompanied by a link to a realted site, but I haven't really been paying much attention to things in our little world lately.
  • I did buy a microphone last week though, and have began my journey into the terrifying world of
  • Digital Audio!!!
  • Cthulhu is coming, join the Crusade
    if you have a link you would like to see on this page, please send a banner and URL to me through the "Submit"
    link on the bottom of the page

    If you believe that one day, all the human race will be burning in the firey furnaces of blackest Hell, click above.

    One of the best Smashing Pumpkins sites around, has everything you could ever want about the best band today.

    Poems and Writings
    all works written by Jesse unless otherwise noted.

    The Darkness


    The Dancers

    The End of the Begining

    The Time has Arrived

    The Flying Daybreak


    The Demon Child by Unknown

    Words of Wisdom by Anton LaVey

    Battered Caterpiller By Jamie

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