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Welcome to the past. The Dark Ages. The Medieval Era. A time when kings ruled the land, dragons ruled the sky, and the gods thought they ruled everything. Here, knights enter quests to test their skills and bravery. In this time, magic is the dominant force and science is laughed at by most. Wizards, oracles, demons, ogres, princesses, gods, imps, and Hercules. These are only some of the things you'll see here. This is...
Thank you for visiting Medieval DC.  We are currently in the process of retooling this group.  If you are interested in writing for this group, please visit the Submissions page to find out how.  And feel free to look at our first attempts at stories below.  Azrael and Batman: The Dark Knight are currently open.
Oracle: The Medieval DC Preview Magazine 
Atom #1
Azrael #1

Batman: The Dark Knight
Disclaimer: The Medieval DC universe is copyrighted by the Medieval DC Fan Fiction Group. Some character names, like Superman and Batman, are owned by DC Comics, and are used without permission by this non-profit fan fiction group which. Our only sole purpose in doing this is for fun. Now the characters that we are writing about are the intellectual property of their writer. This page was designed by (although some of the designs were inspired by the DCFutures and Marvel Future Shock sites). The graphics were designed by James Pedrick.