"Hello,and welcome to Dragonkin.",Jessica Dragontamer says."This
is where I will be putting my novel,Dragonkin.Check back every so
often to see if there are any new chapters."

"Oh,before you go off and read my novel,meet my little Drigus.She
is an adult now,and is the offspring of one of my other three."

Name: Azotus
Age: Adult
Gender: Mare
Mane Color: Red
Body Color: Orange
Sire: Talix
Dam: Cantada
Mate: Palanthas!
Offspring: Oh,joy of joys!My daughter Tyven!
Type: Drigus

"Hi,I'm Azotus!",she bows slightly."Jess,can I go play with Piper
and the twins now?"
"Go ahead,sweetie.",Jessica says.Azotus runs away towards a 

A little light follows Azotus,a will 'o the wisp.
"C'mon wisp!",Azotus calls."Oh,my Dad gave me the wisp.I like
playing with it."The wisp hides in Azotus's flaming red mane,and
she jumps through the portal.

Body: H*, d
Tail: D*, H
Ears: d, d
Head: D*, t
Feet: D*, h
Spines: Y, n
Color: O, w
Whiskers: N, y
Mutation: N, y

Jessica watches the drigus with an adoring look on her face.Then,
a little purple kitty as cute as can be rubs up against your leg.


"Oh,that's just Lily,my kitty.",Jessica says,bending down and 
picking up the sweetheart."Click on her if you want a unique one
of your own!"

Just then,a mother dog following her clumsy puppy come in.
"Where have you two been?",Jessica says."The mother is Kestra,and
the little puppy is Heron.They are Azotus's 'gauridans' and were
a gift from her mate,Palanthas."Lily balances herself on 
Jessica's shoulder to keep away from the dogs.

She hands you a book."Now,here you go.It's not finished,mind
you,but please tell me what you think!"

By Jessica Dragontamer

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