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GeoCities, your home on the Web.
GeoCities, your home on the Web.

Warning!!! this site is extremely heavy, yet has no immediate value. For your own sanity, please, load it in the background while doing other surfing and watch it when loading is done. You will really enjoy it!
Uncolorized version  HERE. faster, but less pretty.
(Use this true type font (download, unzip, and install handly) To see this page in a much better way)
This page and others in my site are better seen with 800X600 display and with netscape 4 or better.. Those pages are best seen with a pentium II 500MHz with 512MB memory, 12.4GB hard disk, T3 or LAN, 128 bit sound card with 300W speakers, X48 cdrom and 23'' LCD screen. If you have one, send it to me.

Under construction. Allways.(that means it doesn't get updated much. Sorry)

A long time ago, In a galaxy far, far away..........
(Or, right now in a server near you. Whatever you want)

The rebels were defeated. The mighty nudge-troopers of the emperor Shlamko made every one of them as crazy as a para meshuga'at with their annoyance guns and domminated the galaxy. Now Shlamko is in charge. He took control of the media, now deciding who will watch what, who will hear who and who will read which. He is controlling your browser. He controls the horizontal. He controls the vertical. He controls those pesky Z-axis that come out of the screen and poke you in the eye. Resistance is supposed to be futile, but no one ever resisted so it will stay hypothetic. So, if you please follow me, you will be trasfered to where the master wants you to. For you unfamiliar with his methods, you need to press HERE.
Thank you, come again.

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io as seen from jupiter.sometimes.


I got it for free at